This Smart Bra Measures Your Bust So You Finally Buy the Right Size

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Dudes, let me tell you: Bras are expensive, and no matter what your cup size, finding one that actually fits is incredibly difficult. No seriously—some 80 percent of women are wearing ill-fitting bras. There’s a lot of bra calculators on the internet and tutorials about how to measure your cup size, band size, and sister sizes in case a store doesn’t have what you’re looking for. Some people swear going to a fancy boutique and letting a mystical clerk fondle your girls to figure out your ‘actual’ size. (And you haven’t really experienced pain until an underwire decides to stab your boobs in the middle of the day.)


But Soma, an intimate apparel brand from Chico’s Fas, is here at CES to ease the plight of women everywhere. Its Somainnofit smart bra automatically measures your body to determine your exact bra size–no measuring tape or grabby boutique clerks needed.

You put on the Somainnofit bra and connect it to an accompanying app over Bluetooth. The bra will then measure four body dimensions and recommend a list of Soma bras in various styles and sizes to best fit your shape. Once the bra is done measuring, you can buy any Soma bra directly through the app, Soma’s website, or in-person at a Soma boutique.

While it would be cooler if the app would let you buy bras from any retailer, it is an undeniable fact that brands are gonna brand. Still, arming yourself with any sort of knowledge about what your actual bra size is one of the more practical examples of femtech we’ve seen over the past few years. Plus at the introductory price of $25, the Somainnofit is practically a steal when you consider a quality, non-hideous, functional, comfortable bra can often retail from anywhere between $40-$60. More, if you have a larger chest.

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This sounds like a great idea. My wife has a terrible time getting the correct size! But....Why do they not have these at the store, so you can get your size in the dressing room? Why pay $25-$60 for something you will use once what, every couple of years?