This sweet little electric scooter hits 30mph in seven seconds, has a 50 mile range and is made from... hemp?

Its sleek looks belie the fact that this two-wheeled runaround is made from the hippiest of materials: hemp and flax fibers, bound together with a biologically derived resin. But despite the natural materials, it's perfectly strong enough to survive the cityā€”and wins environmentally friendly brownie points, too.


Developed by Dutch startup Van.eko, the bike uses a monocoque design: a two-part outer shell provides the entire supporting structure, simultaneously housing the drivetrain and letting the rest of the bike hang off of it. The result is lightweight, nippy and nimbleā€”which is why similar technology is used in Formula 1 cars.

Interestingly, the retro-style scooters wonā€™t be sold, but rented on a weekly or monthly basis. The idea is that each customer will become their own little scooter renting business, allowing other people to use the vehicleā€”a way of spreading the word about the scooters, and also a great way of ensuring that users always have a vehicle in top working order. Initially available in Europe at this early stage, the scooter costs from arounds $180 a month. Let's hope it crosses the ocean soon. [Van.eko via WIRED]