This Superman Short Film Has A Gorgeous Art Style

Almost every creative who's taken a crack at the Superman whip has tried to explain the influences that forged a young Clark Kent into the superheroic Man of Krypton - but perhaps none quite so beautifully as this gorgeous animatic.

A Smallville Man by Mauricio Abril - who made this equally impressive Batman short in 2013 - uses 150 black and white illustrations to tell two intertwining stories featuring the young Clark witnessing Jon Kent intervening in an assault, and Superman going to to toe with a military force in South America. While I can't say I'm particularly enamoured by the Foo Fighters backing track, it's still well worth a watch.

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Stay tuned through the credits too. There's a little treat at the end.

Speaking of credits, there's a weird one in here. It says:

"This is an independent film honoring Superman and the music of the Foo Fighters. It is in no way meant to officially represent DC Comics, Warner Brothers, Foo Fighters, RCA Records, or President Obama."

Obama? What's he got to do with anything? Weird.