This Tiny Mask Provides 5 Minutes of Filtered Air For Emergency Escapes

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In grade school we were all taught to get as low to the ground as possible during a fire, to avoid excessive smoke inhalation. But a fire can also quickly create a dangerous mix of toxic gases hindering a safe escape. A fire fighter's mask and oxygen tank provides a constant supply of fresh air, and that's what the 5aver promises on a smaller scale giving someone five minutes to escape a burning building.

Designed to be mounted throughout buildings in high-visibility areas—just like fire extinguishers—the 5avers can be activated in just five seconds and through the use of various filters their built-in respirators can remove about 92 percent of toxins in the air. And that's more than enough to allow someone to make their escape from a burning building.

An included nose plug prevents smoke and other toxins from entering a person's lungs through their nostrils while they're using the 5aver. And the emergency respirator will function at full capacity for at least five minutes, which is the maximum recommended time for an evacuation. Of course the device is useless if it never becomes an actual product, so hopefully with a Red Dot Design Award behind it the 5aver will soon see the light of day and start saving lives. [5aver via Gizmag]

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Pfftt....the common folk can use that. I myself always keep a few cans of Perri-air handy.