Is this horrifying monstrosity what happens when you put your phone in a microwave? No, it’s not—not even close. The video it fake. But that didn’t stop the infamous Twitter account SciencePorn from tweeting it out and causing it to go viral yet again.


The way I see it, the people behind the Twitter account SciencePorn are committing false advertising on two fronts: they’re usually tweeting out neither science nor porn. Either one would be an improvement. Such was the case with this video which they claimed was, “what happens when you put a cellphone in a microwave.”

We actually first debunked this video way back in December of 2014. And the video is way older than that. It was produced by a prepaid wireless company called Net 10 in 2008 to show how “evil” some phone companies with contracts were. Notice the “demon” that emerges from that phone after it’s put in the microwave?


But like so much of what SciencePorn tweets out, including that fake paper airplane between two fans video we looked at last week, this one is a lie.

Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog

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