This Week's Best Apps

In this week's app roundup: TV, Shazam'd!; translations, made convenient; Rdio, redesigned; The Dark Knight, appified; music releases, predicted; Star Craft II, approximated; security tripwires, evaded; and more!

The week's best iPhone apps

IntoNow: It's like Shazam and Foursquare for TV. Just hold up your phone to any TV show from the last five years or so (or any movie that's been broadcast on TV) and it'll tell you what episode you're watching. Crazy. Then, you can announce what you're watching to your friends. Free. Check out the rest of this week's best iPhone apps here.


The week's best Android apps

Words with Friends: It took forever, but Words With Friends, the Scrabble clone, finally gets to Android. If your iPhone-having friends haven't ditched the game already, like mine have, you can do some cross-platform word-making. Check out the rest of this week's best Android apps here.


The week's best iPad apps

Pennant: Pennant is the most beautifistastic way to re-live past baseball seasons. There's so much baseball information presented in such a g-g-g-gorgeous way that I'm crying tears of joy, rainbows and Willie Mays. $5. Check out the rest of this week's best iPad apps here.


We are so crazy about apps right now you wouldn't believe it. If you have recommendations, tips, or just want to let us know about your own app, drop a note in the comments or shoot me an email.

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