This Week's Best Apps

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In this week's app roundup: Rainbow 6, miniaturized; your photos, comicified; social video sharing, simplified; the license plate game, reinvented; the music mag, digitized; Instapaper, socialized; Time Warner cable TV, brought to your tablet, and much much more.


The week's best iPhone apps

Halftone: Its aim is straightfoward: make your photos look like comics. You can import one from your photo roll or snap one in the app. From there, you can control the type of paper-all a bit weathered and crumpled, natch-the size of the ink dots, and the caption composition, fonts, and texts. It ends up looking quite nice. $1. Check out the rest of this week's best iPhone apps here.

The week's best Android apps

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Read It Later: Read It Later is like an Instapaper—saves articles to read later—but as Instapaper doesn't have an Android app, this is as good as it gets for enjoying long form reads when you want. The app gives you really clean viewing of the articles, without the jumble of sidebars and banner ads. Decently cheap at only $1. Check out the rest of this week's best Android apps here.


The week's best iPad apps

SPIN Play: It's a leaner, more straightforward take on a digital publication than some we've seen—there are no interactive infographics or crazy control schemes—but that's probably a good thing. If you're familiar with Spin, this incarnation will be familiar: there are some longer features, shorter capsule profiles, album reviews, a handful of movie reviews, and a laundry list of new songs you simply must check out. But what's nice about it is that now you don't have to search those songs out on your own. Tap the music icon and they play. Tap the video icon, where available, and a video plays. They keep playing as you poke through the magazine, too, which is nice, though you can stop them at any point (or advance to the next track without the article-specific icons) through an always-present playback bar at the top of the layout. $2. Check out the rest of this week's best iPad apps here.


We are so crazy about apps right now you wouldn't believe it. If you have recommendations, tips, or just want to let us know about your own app, drop a note in the comments or shoot me an email.



Seeing that the WP7 marketplace has more than 11000 apps, and growing rapidly, it would be really really nice if this platform was included in this weekly feature.