This Week's Best Apps

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In this week's app roundup: Panoramas, produced; Sword & Sworcery EP, miniaturized, slit-scan photography, discovered; mobile browsing, made social; Wikipedia, beautified; The Civil War, learned about; the wisdom of age, brought to your iPad, and much, much more.


The week's best iPhone apps

Photosynth: Basically, Photosynth is a panorama photography app. It's got Microsoft's Photosynth engine under the hood, stitching together as many shots of a given area-up, down, left, and right-as you feel like snapping to create a surprisingly smooth model of the space. Whereas other apps of its ilk have you do this thing where you kinda slowly and steadily smudge your way around in a circle to develop a panorama, Photosynth lets you take as many overlapping rectangular shots as you want and sorts 'em out after the fact. You don't have to follow any instructions or take them in any certain order or pattern; you just spin around, firing away. It's very satisfying.

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The week's best Android apps

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Epistle: A super simple and great looking text editor that syncs with Dropbox. Your notes are saved in a plain text file, the titles are searchable and the syncing is super fast. Great for those who don't need all the bells and whistles. Free.

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The week's best iPad apps

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Qwiki: Qwiki for iPad, like their website, is like a visual Wikipedia. Which is to say it's a super pretty way to learn stuff. How so? Instead of delivering information in text and hyperlinks, Qwiki provides a narrative to the topics you search for with an audio commentary and relevant visuals. But! It ain't perfect. The voice that narrates each Qwiki is robotic and if you watch enough Qwiki entries, you'll notice that they're terribly formulaic. And though every presentation is super purrty, it only gives you bite sized nuggets of information. Free

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We are so crazy about apps right now you wouldn't believe it. If you have recommendations, tips, or just want to let us know about your own app, drop a note in the comments or shoot me an email.