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In this week's app roundup: Netflix, droided; Instant Messages, beautified; data caps, eliminated; Super 8 Cameras, re-introduced; music, sent to space; Photoshop, appified; trending topics, explained; Pictures, tagged and much, much more.

The week's best iPhone apps


Onavo: If you use a capped data plan, you might have to seriously consider using Onavo. It compresses emails, apps or web suring to as much as 90 percent! Sounds too good to be true, right? Onavo promises you could pretty much double or triple the data plan you're on, with it working on anything data-related-except video, sadly. It works by routing the downloads through its cloud-based servers, so while it might make pages etc load a bit slower, the data is already compressed by the time it gets to you. Free

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The week's best Android apps

Netflix: We've been waiting and waiting and waiting for Netflix to come to Android for a very long time. And it's finally here! Well, kind of. At the moment, you can only use Netflix on Android if you have a Samsung Nexus S, Evo 4G, Droid Incredible, T-Mobile G2 or Nexus One. It's still Netflix on your phone, dude. Free. See the rest of this week's best Android apps


The week's best iPad apps


Adobe Eazel for Photoshop: Adobe Eazel, Jesus' favorite iPad Photoshop app, works as a standalone paint application and also connects to Photoshop, sending images that get automagically scaled to whatever resolution you want. What's especially cool is the five finger interface and the mixing of wet and dry paint for color blending, with an engine that allows paint to dry over time, just like in real life. $5


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We are so crazy about apps right now you wouldn't believe it. If you have recommendations, tips, or just want to let us know about your own app, drop a note in the comments or shoot me an email.


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