This Week's Best Apps

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In this week's app roundup: iPhones, morphed into kaleidoscopes; Android phones, controlled by a hand wave; iPads, becoming a great blogging tool; Dinosaurs, sent to the zoo; auto correction mistakes, fixed; BBC News, available worldwide; and much, much more.


The week's best iPhone apps

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Kaleidacam: Kaleidacam turns your iPhone into the looking glass of a kaleidoscope. So when you point your iPhone at the world around you, you'll see trippy artsy, shapely images you wouldn't expect to find. Kinda like if you were on drugs. There's 6 different kaleidoscope modes and you can save pictures to your camera roll too. $1

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The week's best Android apps

Prox: A genuinely clever app, Prox can control your Android phone without ever touching the touchscreen. The way it works is that the accelerometer determines how you hold the phone (left, right, toward, away) and can associate an action for the grip. You trigger that action by waving your hand over the proximity sensor. So you can load apps, change ringer mode, open notifications, turn off the screen, etc with a simple wave of the hand. It could prove useful in cold weather situations or if you want to pretend you have wizard powers.

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The week's best iPad apps

Dinosaur Zoo: Think of it as an encyclopedia for dinosaurs but instead of giving you monotonous info that bores you, it places you in an interactive Dinosaur Zoo (hence the name). You can slide through various dinosaurs and have them attack your finger tap, get fed, or drop a deuce. But Dinosaur Zoo isn't all play, there's basic information on the dinos and a slick map interface that shows you where they roamed (and additionally, what the Earth looked like in that era). $4


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We are so crazy about apps right now you wouldn't believe it. If you have recommendations, tips, or just want to let us know about your own app, drop a note in the comments or shoot me an email.


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