Did you guys know there is a Gizmodo subdomain where you can go for all things photographic? Yep! It's called Reframe, and it's where you'll find additional coverage of gear, techniques, news, and all kinds of great stuff related to the crafts of photography and videography.

Here are this week's best posts:

All the Gear an Olympic Photographer Is Bringing to Sochi


Jeff Cable is a Bay Area photographer who has travelled the globe taking pictures, including coverage of the last three Olympic Games in Beijing, Vancouver, and London. Cable is about to head to Sochi to cover the 2014 Winter Olympics, where he'll be blogging about his experience. To kick things off, Jeff published a rundown of all the gear he brings along to get the job done.

A Safer Way To Clean Your Camera's Sensor


Dust on your camera's sensor is a tormenting problem made worse by the fact that attempting to clean it is slightly risky. The Sensor Gel Stick could offer an easier and safer way to go about getting grime off the delicate surface.

Photos of Movie Theaters Show the Former Grandeur of Cinema


Your garden-variety multiplex probably resembles a concrete box with interiors sporting giant movie ads and sterile seating areas. But there are still a number of surviving theaters that show off the glamour and scope of cinema in its heyday. Photographer Franck Bohbot's recent series documents just that.

How the Video Age Was Born, Decades Before YouTube


Video is the defining medium of the 21st century, thanks to the rise of the internet. But its origins go back way further, to the late 1960s, when the first portable video devices emerged. It was a watershed moment in history—and our short documentary explains why.

41 More Amazing Photos From the Sony World Photography Awards

The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards has recently announced its finalists and shortlists of its contestants. The photos we've already seen are stunning, but there are literally dozens of amazing images worth taking a longer look at


A New Chip Will Make Projected Images Look Better In Bright Light


We all know the drill: whenever you're using a projector you need to make the room as dark as possible so the images don't get all washed out. But Hitachi wants to change that with a new chip that automatically applies corrections and adjustments to a projected image so that it looks clear even in bright light.