Did you guys know there is a Gizmodo subdomain where you can go for all things photographic? Yep! It's called Reframe, and it's where you'll find additional coverage of gear, techniques, news, and all kinds of great stuff related to the crafts of photography and videography.

Here are this week's best posts:

This is a GIF of America's Very First Film

Before Charlie Chaplin, before Tinseltown, before even the advent of "talkies," American cinematic history began with "Monkeyshines." This 56-second clip of a lab assistant horsing around in the Edison Labs was captured around 1890 by pioneering filmmaking duo and Kinetoscope developers, William Heise and William K. L. Dickson. It is believed to be the first-ever shot on American soil and it heralded the start of our infatuation with the Silver Screen.

Leaked Image of Super Tiny Samsung Mirrorless Camera Is Kind of Crazy

Some folks at NXRumors have dug up an image of what is purportedly a new mirrorless camera from Samsung. It's incredibly small looking, and selfie-ready!

Watch One of History's Greatest Photographers at Work on the Streets

Garry Winogrand is known for being one of the 20th century's greatest photographers. This video clip from a 1982 documentary is a wonderful peek at Winogrand roaming the streets with his camera and ruminating on photography.

Photos on Yelp Makes New York's Top Restaurants Look Like Poop

Ever wish you could eat at some of the best restaurants in New York, like Le Bernardin or Per Se? Then don't visit their Yelp pages, because these photos of even the fanciest of dishes might make you want to hurl.

Fujifilm X-T1 Review: Feast for the Eyes, Frustration for the Fingers

Fuji's new top-of-the-line mirrorless camera is packed with functionality, aiming to smash through the shortcomings of i's popular but imperfect X series line. The X-T1 has plenty of power, but can't help tripping over its own feet.

Stark, Beautiful Photos of an Abandoned Greek Airport

Ellinikon International Airport, located in Athens, Greece, was shut down in 2001. The site has been left partially intact while development plans take place, and photographer Alexandros Lambrovassilis has been revisiting the site for years to document its remains.

These Ethereal Night Scenes Are Lit From Above By a Drone

If you think every possible use for drones has been thoroughly exhausted, you're wrong. This clever photographer figured out that the hovering crafts would be perfect for lighting his mysterious scenes from the sky.