Look, it's been a brutal couple of weeks for most of the country. It feels like winter's never going to end. And while a single black rose might be what you feel like on the inside, that doesn't mean you can't put on a happier face on the outside.

MoMA's Design Store recently unveiled a collection of extremely cool new vases as part of their 2014 haul. The Design Store buyers, you see, spend each year traveling the world looking for new products to sell at the museum. Oddly enough, it was the vases that stood out this year.


A fresnel lens—invented in the 1700s by inventor Augustin-Jean Fresnel to create brighter lighthouse lights—is the focus of Big Bloom. Thanks to the lens' magnification, it turns the average peony into something,well, bigger:

A chemist named John Norton designed these Silver Flash vases, which are exact replicas of standard-issue labware, done up in flashy chrome:

Finally, a third vase—not yet on the online store—is intended to be almost invisible: It consists of a white plastic plate with five pins sticking upward. you threat each stem onto a pin, pour a little water onto the plate, and each flower looks as though it's floating:

You can buy all of them at MoMA's Design Store. And hang in there, buddy. Just a few more months. [MoMa Design Store]

Images: Michael Hession.