Looking for Thursday's news you missed on the Giz? Yesterday brought us some sweet case mods, clothing innovation, and a Lego invasion. All in all, Thursday's best stories weren't too shabby.
The USB Necktie makes all other innovations look like child's play.
We like the new Canon HD camcorder.
• Robots are good, but dancing robots are even better.

Giant Lego man invades the beaches of the Netherlands.• DARPATech 2007 produced some serious bot action this year.
• If you thought the Tumbler was actually better than the Bat Mobile, this case mod is for you.
• Steve Jobs' "research project" gets a patent.
• This MP3 player concept is for those who cant quite let go of their CDs.
• 3G Nokia N95 is on its way to America.
• The Nokia N800 Tablet is set to be Sprint's first WiMax device.