Times Square's Newest Video Billboard Stars FBI's Most Wanted

Illustration for article titled Times Square's Newest Video Billboard Stars FBI's Most Wanted

Criminals have made it on Broadway thanks to the FBI's newest video billboard, one which displays their stories-tall mugs alongside Diddy, oversized M&Ms, and other Times Square staples.


The billboard, which was unveiled yesterday, is part of an agreement with Clear Channel that gives the FBI access to over 400 digital billboards in 33 cities across the country. The Times Square sign rotates through FBI's Most Wanted criminals that are thought to be in the area but can also be updated with missing persons reports and emergency warnings.

New York City's abundance of faces has long provided a kind of shelter for criminals seeking anonymity among the masses. This gigantic digital wanted poster might make them rethink that approach. [The Washington Post]


Hmmm, you know I'm not even sure how many New Yorkers actually stare at those billboard. Most of the times, it's tourists that stares up. I've walk down time square quite a few times and it's rare that I stare up at the signs unless I'm waiting for someone.