The Only Thing Missing From This Delightful Lego Version of Super Mario Bros. Is a Tiny Plumber

Forget about dropping $300 on the Nintendo Switch just to get your next Super Mario Bros. fix. As Jason Cichon demonstrates, all you need is a big pile of plastic bricks and some mad Lego skills to build a custom side-scrolling Super Mario level. The only thing that’s really missing is a hero.

Sure, there’s a giant pixelated version of Mario that serves as this diorama’s backdrop, but where’s the tiny Lego stud version of the plumber hopping over obstacles and expertly navigating the mushroom kingdom? It’s still a delightful recreation of a Nintendo classic, but hopefully we’ll see him in a future Mario Kart version soon.

[YouTube via The Brothers Brick]

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Tiny Plumber could be many things:

1. Band Name
2. Weird Al Parody of “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John

3. Some kind of tiny robot that gets rid of drain clogs

4. Sex Toy