How To Securely Contact Our Reporters

We at G/O Media want you to leak us things. Sometimes an email will suffice, or DM on Twitter, or even an anonymous comment on a post. But sometimes sources want to contact us without leaving a digital trail.

If you are a PR person, creator, or founder, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our regular tip line,

We have two systems in place to allow for anonymous interaction. First, we have an email account on ProtonMail, a secure mail service that offers end-to-end encryption and complete anonymity.

You can send secure emails to using PGP or you can create an anonymous ProtonMail account with which to contact us.

We also offer a direct Signal line to our news editors. Our number is +1 646 207 0209. You can also send a text message to that account from your phone. We also have individual Signal accounts in our signatures that you can easily access by clicking on a reporter’s name.

G/O Media works diligently to protect the identities of our sources and keep the information they give us confidential.