Sony's NEX-6 is a fantastic camera that Gizmodo recommended at $850, calling it the "sweet spot" in the market space, and went on to say it was "hard to imagine a better design." Available today for $525, its lowest price ever, it's an absolute steal. [Amazon]

Update: Now even cheaper at $525, with a free memory card, and a discount on a case.

The previous step-up from the NEX-6, the NEX-7, is still going for close to a grand, while the NEX-6's newly-released successor, the a6000, still goes for its $800 MSRP, and Giz called it a "small step up." Looking in the other direction, stepping down to Sony's lower-end NEX cameras will lose you the excellent OLED viewfinder, which at this price point simply can't be turned down.

If you really only need a point and shoot and want amazing pictures, buy the Sony RX100 II, and if you're doing serious photography, then you know you want the A7. For everyone in between who wants interchangeable lenses, don't miss this deal.


Update: The Sony RX100II is available today for $586, which is also a killer price.

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