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Today at Giz

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Well today we both discovered and smashed an Apple TV games rumor, that was fun. Also, Google is acting like a little school girl, claiming that they are "doing things together" with Apple. Just tell us what's going on with you two; we're all mature adults here, aren't we? And onto the world of hard drives, Fujitsu has a new 2.5-inch laptop drive that will hold 160GB & hit 7200 RPM. So not only can you store tons of on-the-go porn, but you'll be able to access it quickly too.


Besides that, there's also a hands-on with the Archos 704 Wi-Fi, the Nikon D40 got a bump in megapixels, and Intel is making their own mobile chip for the next generation of cell phones. That's basically just a big ol' screw you iPhone.


Oh and in case you missed it, Adam "Fruch-bone" Frucci, was named Cool Geek of the Week. We should all give him a big hug.