Tuesday's Best Stories

You want rainbow stuff? We got rainbow stuff—from a neon Apple Computer sign for sale on eBay to gay cars. You want sexy new HE stuff from Denon and Sony? We got that too. There's a nice Samsung phone, there's an APC that thinks it's a limo and there's a broken iPhone. It's all below...
• Someone put their old Apple Computer logo up for sale on eBay.
• Here's the P520, a sexy phone from Samsung.
• Someone's designed a flying-saucer plane.
• Motorola's phone with a mini-laser projector on it.


• A Reader's Mom baked him some gadget cookies for his birthday.
• Make a frog jump via the interweb.
• Sony's new Home Theater receivers with Wi-Fi faroudja upscaling technology.
• Babbage's engine inspires a nano computer.
• Take work home with you on the office chair bike.
• This is what a crashed iPhone looks like.
• A WWII-era plane crash-lands on a busy highway as seen on police camera.
• Nice but not cheap—that's the verdict on the KEF Picoforte 1 dock.
• Transformer News 1 - the sofa that morphs into a bunk bed.
• Transformer News 2 - any gadget from hairdryers to vibrators are transformed.
• It's back again—the list of gayest cars, updated for 2007.
AppleCare for the iPhone is now available.
Holograms on the catwalk at the Diesel show.
• Once upon a time there was a tank that wanted to be a limo. This is his story.
• The bastard son of MP3 and Karaoke—apologies for the iSing monster.