Twitter Accidentally Reset Its Users' Passwords

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Don't panic! Your Twitter account hasn't been hacked, the password has just been accidentally reset.


Overnight, Twitter "unintentionally sent some password reset notices... due to a system error." Re/code reports that it has affected less than 1 percent of Twitter users, but that's still a fairly significant number in absolute terms.

If you're currently locked out of Twitter, you should have received an email asking you to reset your password. Do that, and you should be back in business. At least it wasn't hacked, right? [Re/code]

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This isn't the only Twitter "system error" lately but I haven't seen any reports on the other yet, though myself and other people I know have personally experienced it.

Last Thursday (02/27), Verizon Wireless has an SMS outage where no Verizon phones, at least in most of the eastern US, could send or receive text messages. It seems that if you were following someone on Twitter with SMS updates and during that time period Twitter tried to send you a text, it obviously failed to be received and thus didn't send Twitter a receipt of the success. I think Twitter automatically assumed this meant your number was disconnected so it disassociated your phone number with your Twitter account. This means that your 2-step verification for login was also removed. Had to go through an annoying process to re-add my number back onto my Twitter account.