Just last week, Twitter appeared to suffer a total outage, that left users unable to load anything on their feeds on Wednesday. Earlier in February, Twitter’s mobile app went down for a few hours. These types of disruptions and more have seemed to become more common in the wake of Musk’s takeover—which is understandable considering he’s scrapped more than three-quarters of the company’s former staff.


That the linked content error notice related to Twitter’s API (application program interface) is not particularly surprising. Under Musk’s direction, the platform has moved to lock down who has access to the site’s back-end interface and to further monetize API access. The platform has also moved to monetize such features as two-factor authentication in its push to become profitable. It’s possible an error occurred while Twitter coders were working on API access changes.

On top of the ongoing issues with Twitter, competing social media platform, Mastodon, also noted it was experiencing an outage on Monday. Mastodon’s site currently displays a notice about a “major outage,” that it is attributing to a “massive DDoS attack.” “We are working together with Fastly to mitigate it,” the error message reads.

Screenshot of Mastodon error message
Mastodon attributed its own outage to an attack, but the site likely also received a spike in genuine user traffic following the Twitter problems.
Screenshot: Mastodon / Gizmodo

Gizmodo reached out to Mastodon to clarify whether the issue could be related to an influx of users from Twitter and a spokesperson told us, “no, it is a confirmed attack.”

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