Twitter for BlackBerry Steps Out Of Beta, Ready For Full Launch

Twitter for BlackBerry is finally leaving the beta tag behind and making a full launch tonight. It took a while, having toiled in private and public beta for ages, but it's been well-improved since then.


The whole app is still very BlackBerry-centric so all you crack-addled keyboard enthusiasts will find quick keyboard shortcuts and an interface designed for your trackpad & keyboard. You can find it in Blackberry's App World tonight or tomorrow.

Features at launch:
• Push Notifications for Direct Messages
• Timeline Support
• Following and Followers
• Posting, Sending, Deleting , Replying and Retweeting Tweets
• User/Saved/Keyword/Proximity Search
• Tweet Photos/Links
• Trending Topics
• Seamless integration into core BlackBerry applications
• URL Shortening
• Auto-Update

New features during the beta:
• Quote Tweets (editing retweets)
• Auto Complete for @ usernames
• View Photos from Yfrog & Tweetphoto
• View Geotagged Tweets
• Personal Info Guard
• Hotkeys for Navigation
• Report as Spam


Florian Stravock

Haven't I had this for months? Pretty sure all these features have always been here... And I don't remember my version saying Beta anywhere...