Um, How Do I Get From Japan to China Again?

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Google Maps: solving all those tricky logistical location nightmares, one joke at a time. Do click on the image and check out direction number 43. And then start searching for your goggles. [@PokeHQ via @Rhodri]

Update: You can also view it on Google Maps here.

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Better than asking how to get from anywhere in the US to Tokyo- last time I checked, it directed you to the water front in Seattle and instructed you to Kayak to Hawaii, then to Kayak to Japan.

Yep, just tested it. This route, from Miami to Tokyo, will take 36 days, and involves Kayakin across about 6,600 miles of the pacific ocean.

Presumably Jet-Ski's don't have the operating range to run for the shorter, 2,756 mile run to Hawaii.