Want To Know Everything About Everyone? Work the Prism For Palantir!

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"I applied for a writer job at Palantir," a California journalist tells Front! "They specialize in using artificial intelligence to analyze data, something like that. My [Republican friend] works there. I have a few tidbits from the hiring process—they are sort of menacing, in retrospect." It's apparently a tough place to get a job.

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The Facebook/CIA-funded Silicon Valley startup denies that its "world's leading intelligence infrastructure platform" called Prism is the same wholesale data-mining operation called Prism that's identified in National Security Agency documents. But nobody's going to believe that, even if it winds up being vaguely "true" thanks to a paper trail or technicality. Palantir is in the business of selling your data to the people who want it most and will pay the most to get it: The Government.

Let's take a look at the job description:

Writers at Palantir are wordsmiths who work quickly and precisely. We handle language the way our developers handle code, meaning we’re the best at what we do and perform with agility under pressure. Our team finds requests for proposals, aligns priorities with the rest of the business development team, and then writes and edits a range of documents in response to these postings. Time is usually of the essence, so we’re always ready to contort language to our needs on short notice. We also write most of Palantir’s external facing language, and people from all over the company come to us for advice when they need to draft documents. Our backgrounds are diverse; some of us have journal publications, others have graduate degrees in the humanities or law, but we all have a passion for the written word and the drive to make things perfect every time.


  • Communicate the core concepts of the Palantir Government product to multiple audiences, including contracting officers, executives, policy makers, and the public
  • Write responses, solo or collaboratively, to contract competitions and requests-for-information from potential customers
  • Create succinct concept papers and craft marketing documents to support outreach to customers
  • Identify new customers and opportunities with the business development team
  • Be a product expert


  • Strong demonstrated writing and editing ability
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to travel on relatively short notice
  • Extremely detail-oriented
  • Technical background helpful but not required


  • Flexible – any of our offices

This tech-jobs list calls Palantir one of the 10 toughest places to interview, and notes the mysterious company's satellite offices in McLean, Virginia—home of Dick Cheney and the CIA—and London, home of the British intelligence services MI5 and MI6.


And if this doesn't work out, you can always apply to be a lawyer for the NSA. They're hiring!



I don't mean to get all conspiracy here but does it bother anybody else that their logo has the all seeing eye?