Update: Science Fiction Bookstore Borderlands Will Stay Open!

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Here's a huge chunk of happy news to brighten your Sunday: San Francisco's scifi and fantasy bookstore, Borderlands, will stay open for at least another year thanks to a successful sponsorship campaign. YAY!


If you'll recall, the beloved institution (which we here at io9 are huge fans of, for many obvious reasons ... and the uber-rad store cat is one of them) announced early this month that it was planning to close its doors for financial reasons. The Borderlands community sprang into action, and helped the business achieve its crowdfunding goal in just two days.

In a heartfelt blog post, Borderlands manager Jude Feldman expressed gratitude for the support:

Thank you so much for letting me keep doing what I love best in the world; thank you for doing your part to help keep San Francisco weird; and thank you for helping to preserve space for the dreamers. I have never before thought that loving something as hard as you could was enough to change anything — that sounds like something that only happens in stories — in fantasy. But you proved me wrong. So thank you for letting us continue to champion imagination, because as you've proved conclusively, it really can change the world.

[Via Boing Boing and Mission Local]



Oh look its also somewhat close to 24th St. & Mission. Looks like a Bart trip maybe in my future.