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Updates From The Walking Dead, Friday the 13th, and More

Plus, more details on Disney's Oswald the Rabbit series that never was.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The Walking Dead's Negan and Daryl take a water break on a log.
The Walking Dead rests up ahead of one last return.
Image: AMC

Guillermo Del Toro draws parallels between Nightmare Alley and his new take on Pinocchio. Moon Knight could have bagged a very interesting director for an episode. Todd Helbing teases the villains to come in Superman & Lois’ second season. Plus, more looks at Cobra Kai’s return. Spoilers now!

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Friday the 13th

Entertainment lawyer (and former Friday the 13th Part III cast member) Larry Zerner confirmed on Twitter today that Victor Miller has regained the U.S. rights to his 1980 screenplay, Friday the 13th. Director Sean Cunningham (and other interested parties) may now only use the character of Jason Voorhees with Miller’s express permission.


Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3

Zoe Saldana revealed her new Gamora make-up for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 on Instagram.



Guillermo del Toro told Rotten Tomatoes his upcoming Pinocchio movie will explore what it means to be a puppet in... fascist Italy?

[Nightmare Alley and Pinocchio] do have parallels. Obviously, Pinocchio has a big section in a carnival, and there’s strange little echoes between the two. And Pinocchio deals with a different thematic. Pinocchio is about what makes a human a human, and what makes a human a puppet, or a puppet a human. Because it’s set during the rise of Mussolini in fascist Italy, so it’s a really interesting thematic exercise, that one.


Moon Knight

According to the personal website of Moon Knight’s assistant art director, Marco Torresin (via Comic Book), actor George Clooney will direct an episode of the upcoming Disney+ series. Torresin, however, has since updated the page to scrub the mention of Clooney.


Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit

Disney has canceled its planned Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit series according to Matt Danner on Twitter.


Superman & Lois

In a recent interview with SFX Magazine (via Games Radar), showrunner Todd Helbing revealed both Superman and Lois will enjoy their own separate archenemies in season two.

There are multiple villains, really. Both villains affect Clark and Lois personally. We start out with one villain that is really more Superman, while setting up the Lois villain. They are not working together, but they hand off in a cool way this season. One of them comes to the forefront and, in a lot of ways, is more powerful than the other one. It will take the whole team, in a different way than last year, to stop this person.


The Walking Dead

TV Line has a new photo of Maggie as she appears in The Walking Dead’s eleventh and final season.

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Cobra Kai

Tory threatens Amanda while Johnny continues to torture his students in two new clips from Cobra Kai’s fourth season.


Finally, Melanie Lynskey and Sophie Nélisse discuss playing Shauna in a new Yellowjackets featurette.

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