Use Loop To Animate The World

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I'm really bad at drawing. Really really really bad. Like hand turkeys and stick figures level. But Loop might be a way to bring me up a little bit. It's an iPad app for making hand-drawn animations, but you can use it with guides like other drawings or photos for tracing. Basically there are a bunch of different ways to get going, which is what I need.


Loop has frame by frame drawing, onion skinning, frame duplication and punch of drawing tools. You can animate in red, blue, and black, and the final versions are 320px x 180px GIFs. You can share the short animations through e-mail or Tumblr, or show them off on the Loop Tumblr. Loop is $1 in the App Store and iPad only right now. Your friends will love you when you badger them with GIFs that call MS Paint to mind. [Creative Applications]




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