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User Interface Design Studio MONKEYmedia Files Patent Lawsuit Against Apple

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

User interface design studio MONKEYmedia filed a patent lawsuit against Apple claiming that the company infringed on three of its patents. For those keeping track, that's another legal battle for Apple on top of those against Nokia, HTC, and Kodak.

MONKEYmedia today filed a lawsuit against Apple, Inc. for infringing claims in three of MONKEYmedia's Seamless Contraction patents. Apple's infringement involves its user interfaces for document summarization, RSS readers and video players that can display multiple versions of text and/or audiovisual content. The lawsuit was filed in the Western District of Texas - Austin Division.

"We can sit by and watch Apple continue to use our patented inventions without paying, or we can do something about it," said Eric Bear, MONKEYmedia's CEO. "Synergy between inventors and manufacturers is healthy, and we love that Apple believes in our technology. We simply prefer open communications and fair compensation."


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