Believe it or not, even with films like Jaws in existence, some people are still willing to swim in shark-infested waters. Spotters and underwater nets help provide some level of safety, but these new sonar-equipped intelligent buoys being developed could finally make it safe—or at least safer—to go back in the water.

The Clever Buoy is actually a two-part system composed of a bobbing buoy that stays on the surface of the water, and an anchor box it's tethered to that sits on the sea bottom. The underwater box emits sonar signals that are detected by the buoy, and if a shark or other large sea creature happens to be in between, it will create telltale reflections that can be used to issue a warning.


The system is still in development, but its creators have designed it to spot sea-life over six-and-a-half feet in length. And because whales, dolphins, and sharks all swim differently, the Clever Buoy is smart enough to only send out warnings—via a wireless satellite communications system—when it's sure there's a shark or other large predator in the vicinity. So strapping a fin to your back and diving under water won't fool this spotter. [Clever Buoy via Gizmag]