Video breaks down why special effects in movies peaked in the 90's

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Here’s an interesting video explainer that details why special effects and fancy CGI has ruined movies (or at least, made them less enjoyable). It all feels too fake! Story Brain breaks down how as technology for CGI improved and allowed movie makers to do more with visual effects, our brains interpret it negatively.


It’s a really interesting watch. Story Brain points it out to “The WETA Effect”, or basically when Peter Jackson started killin’ it with his special effects.


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I strongly disagree. I haven’t been happier in my life than when effects started to be more impressive, more detailed. I see a movie that is pure FX (2012, Transformers, Avengers, Jurassic World, Avatar, San Andreas, Interstellar, 2000-s StarWars) and i glee in delight of the FX and CGI used in it. It could be that Im a front end web developer and FX enthusiast (the artistic level to manage the very CGI that so many people dislike is only made by ultra talented people). Also these movies do extremely well at the theatre and blu-rays. I mean, all of the above have been wonderful bockbusters, grossing 3-8 times more of what it was originally invested in production .

IMO, and just mine, people in general enjoy those FX, (and i adore them), so as seeing how good these movies do, i would think they are going to stay like they are.