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View Small Things on Your iPhone with This $30 Microscope Mod

Illustration for article titled View Small Things on Your iPhone with This $30 Microscope Mod

UC-Davis researchers developed a lens that'll turn your iPhone or any camera-enabled smartphone into a 350X microscope. The mod is a simple 1-mm ball lens mounted in rubber that's taped to your phone's camera. It costs about $30.


Besides its obvious uses in the classroom and research field, this basic lens could be a useful tool for doctors in impoverished areas. It's resolution of 1.5 microns is sensitive enough that doctors can use it to view red blood cells and diagnose blood diseases like iron deficiency sickle-cell anemia. And it's cheap. Even when you add in the cost of an iPhone, the $30 lens system is significantly less expensive than a full-size microscope. [PloS One via Tested, Petapixel and Wired]

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Here is what you can see with a $5 lens attached to the iPhone:[]

Adding a tripod made it a bit better:[]

Surprisingly reasonable quality on any of the images for a larger version.