The Star Wars/Age Of Ultron Mashup Trailer To End All Mashup Trailers

Turns out, people really like mashing Marvel and Star Wars together with other things. Between the countless mashups and parodies for both The Force Awakens and Age of Ultron, there now lies this pretty sublime mix of the two franchises.


We've featured the excellent Star Wars and Marvel nonsense of youtuber The Unusual Suspect before, and his take to turn the Star Wars Saga into Age of Ultron is just as great. It's surprising how well Vader fits into the role of Ultron in the original trailer so well - right down to the edit of him telling Luke, that there's no strings on him at the end. I guess being more machine than man helps sell the 'evil robot' bit too.

This also proves that Star Wars can pretty much just be made into any other film with the right edit. Or at least, any other Marvel movie. I demand a recut to make Star Wars look like a World War II-era superhero film, stat!

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