Wait a Minute, Are We Already Cyborgs?

If you think about how connected we are—smartphones in our pocket, computers on our laps, internet at our fingertips—it might be reasonable to assume that we kind of, sort of already are cyborgs. Can you imagine if someone in the past saw a person wearing Google Glass today? He'd totally believe that person was half-robot.


Filmmaker and futurist Jason Silva goes on an epic audible thought bubble discussing how gadgets have become extensions of our skin. Is he right? Are we all just cyborgs now? And if we aren't, what do those tools mean to us? [Shots of Awe]


Brent Rose

Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) wrote about this a few years ago in one of my all-time favorite blog posts. Highly recommended reading. http://dilbert.com/blog/entry/dil…