While Apple CarPlay and Android Auto promise to make your car's in-dash system infinitely more bearable in the not so distant future, you're still stuck in the unfortunate position of having to choose between one or the other. Not so Parrot's whimsically named RNB6, which lets you go both ways. Oh, and it has a dash cam built right in.

The flexibility of the RNB6 extends beyond its operating system agnosticism; it comes with nav, hands-free telephone operation, voice controls, and on-board diagnostics that let you know just how low your tire pressure is. And again: dashcam.

The RNB6 should fit in just about any relatively recent car, which itself is not such a feat but is reassuring if you've never dipped a toe in the aftermarket before. And CarPlay/Android Auto feature is a welcome one for households—like mine!—that have a split platform personality. Or, you know, if you don't want your car to dictate what phone you buy next.

Are there caveats? There are caveats! The biggest one being that there's no price or availability for this yet, and while it certainly doesn't smell like vaporware it's definitely going to cost. Whether that split platform personality commands a premium—or rather, just how much of a premium it commands—is going to go a long way towards deciding if this belongs in your dash.

But also: that dash cam!

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