Want To Upgrade Yourself? Head To The Bionic Body Shop

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Click to viewVagus Nerve Stimulation: $95,000. Deep Brain Stimulation: $40,000. Sacral Nerve Stimulation: $16,000. I don't need most of these things (or even know what they are), but I'd still love a spending spree in the Bionic Body Shop.

While most of these upgrades aren't exactly available at this time, it doesn't mean we can't play around with the options. My personal favorite is the Brain-Machine Interface, but what would you break the bank for? Or do you require something so incredible that it's not even in the Bionic Body Shop? [IEEE Spectrum]


This week, Gizmodo is exploring the enhanced human future in a segment we call This Cyborg Life. It's about what happens when we treat our body less as a sacred object and more as what it is: Nature's ultimate machine.