Warner Bros. Is in Such Denial Over Batman v Superman

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Despite the abundance of Batman v Superman’s negative reviews and the film’s swift, severe drop in box office sales since its debut a week and a half ago (even with an utter lack of competition!), Warner Bros. executives seem adamant in learning absolutely nothing from the movie’s problems.

The Hollywood Repoter reports (from Hollywood) that “Several sources say Warner Bros. executives were convinced they had the goods with BvS and were shocked when negative reviews began pouring in.” Shocked! Shocked, I say! No one would think that this unpleasant surprise—and, again, the absolutely enormous drop in viewers and ticket sales—might make the studio take some steps to correct this issue in the future. Instead, here’s what THR says:

Now, with DC movies dated through 2020, the outcome has led to a flurry of rumors that the studio will make adjustments — maybe add a new producer? — rather than allow BvS director Zack Snyder to proceed with the two-part Justice League. But sources with firsthand knowledge of the situation say the studio has no such plans. One says the filmmakers naturally will evaluate what went wrong with BvS, but when it comes to Justice League, “we’re not going to take a movie that’s supposed to be one thing and turn it into a copycat of something else.”


If your brain is having trouble parsing what is happening here—which is understandable, because this is mind-blowingly insane—Warner Bros. recognizes there are problems with Batman v Superman, and will take the time to figure out what those problems are...

...and then they will do nothing to fix them.

Yes, apparently Zack Snyder has the same carte blanche to make Justice League, even after failing to turn the first-ever movie starring three of the biggest, most popular superheroes in the world, into a film that analysts believe won’t even make a billion dollars worldwide. Maybe that still sounds like a lot of money, but you know what actually made a billion bucks? Tim Burton’s needless 2010 Alice in Wonderland film. If you put Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman together in a live-action movie for the first time ever, don’t you think that movie should probably outgross Iron Man 3?


I fully admit I did not see this coming. I just assumed, like every other movie studio, that Warner Bros would do everything it could to make as much money as possible. But nope! They... they’re just going to let Snyder make a new entry in his DC Cinematic Murderverse, whether people want it or not. Cool.