Watch a Guy Discover How Human Flesh Would Taste Using a Biopsy From His Leg

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Ever wondered how tasty you are? In this video, Greg Foot has a biopsy of muscle taken from his leg in order to discover what it tastes like.

It’s a reasonable thing to wonder, of course, but quite another to actually explore in detail. That doesn’t seem to bother Foot, who happily has a small chunk of muscle removed form his leg. A scientific analysis of the the muscle revealed that it contains similar muscle fibers to those found in both chicken breast and some cuts of beef but... what does it taste like?


Actually eating human flesh isn’t really a good idea, nor necessarily legal. But in this video Foot does manage to cook his biopsy for chemical analysis of the aromas—which contribute most to our sense of taste anyway. A sniff causes Foot to exclaim that it smells “really meaty... a lot richer than pork or chicken.” And a chemical analysis reveals he’s right, with the results placing his flesh as somewhere between pork and lamb.

Not that it should make it an attractive option, but it’s good to know.