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Watch a Ton of Pigeons Being Trapped By a Catapulted Net

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ahhhh! If you get freaked out by pigeons, wait until you see a whole writhing mass of the winged rats trapped inside a catapult-sprung net. Truly terrifying. And apparently the solution to Spain's big pigeon problem.

Pigeons have been deemed a "plague" in Barcelona, spreading disease and pooping all over Gaudi's beautiful buildings. To curb the destruction, the city is trying to catch 65,000 of the birds, roughly 25% of the pigeon population, over the next year and a half. While some birds are being trapped in traditional cages and relocated outside of the city, others are subject to private pigeon trappers' kooky catapulted nets.

Cruel? Maybe! But a plague's a plague, I guess? And anyway if you don't think that resulting video is the craziest thing you've seen today, you are just totally in-coo-rrect. [Wired]