Watch a Woman from the 1990s Explain What a Computer Is

One of the things that will never fail to make me happy: seeing people stuck in time explain what modern day technology is. Kim Komando hosted an educational series about computer and explains the basics of its hardware, DOS, Microsoft Windows, Writeand more.


A few of my favorite quotes:

"What happens when you press the wrong button? Does it blow up?"

"That's how simple DOS is. It's like house cleaning"

"This is called pointing. There's also click"

"We're going to use the clock program now"

"It's not tough to use a computer. And nothing even blew up!"

Gotta love the people educating the Luddites of the tech world who thought if anything messed up in your computer, you'd get blown up. What's amazing is that Kim Komando still hosts a radio show about technology (as it is still on the air). [Komando via DeeprUnderstanding via Laughing Squid]



I work with a floor full of "administrative staff" who would probably learn plenty from this video, even 20 years later. Seriously, there's people in my office, with "important" positions, and who are paid more than I (because they have a 30-year-old Master's degree), who:

-Don't know how to resize a window

-Require two or three monitors, because they don't know how to tile two windows next to each other

-Don't know how to minimize a window, so they close programs and restart them when they want to multitask

-Physically print out hundreds of Word documents, just to turn around and scan them to PDF again ("it feels safer this way")

-Print out everything and place them in paper files, because they don't know how to create a computer file

-Save all critical business files to their local machine's desktop

-Type at less than 20 wpm

-Don't know the difference between a megabyte and a gigabyte

-Are not aware what an Excel formula is, just think Excel is a graph-paper version of Word.

-Are not aware that tabbed browsing is a thing, will get thoroughly lost if a page opens in a new tab and the "back" button doesn't work

-Have no concept of an onmnibox, still type "" and search from there

-Think turning off the monitor power shuts the computer down (I blame the iPhone lock button for this)... also, think powering down their computer every day is required.

-Are not aware that CTRL-F searches the screen, so they spend minutes or hours visually scrolling and scanning documents to find data

-Are not aware of any other keyboard shortcuts

-Did I mention they like to PRINT a lot? A personal laser printer at one's desk has become a status symbol.

... I could go on, but as the informal tech-support person in my office, I see it all first-hand, and its horrifying.