Watch Boba Fett Straight Up Murder Someone in This Animated Short

Pew pew.
Gif: Lucasfilm

I mean...gotta do some disintegrating to earn that “no disintegrations” warning, right?


Especially as it’s on the Star Wars Kids channel. Hey, younglings, think fast, here’s someone getting vaporized!

It’s not the first time the delightful Galaxy of Adventures shorts have shown people dying, of course. After all, it’s Star Wars. War is in the name. We’ve seen Vader royally mess up Rebels multiple times in these shorts! Kids are gonna be more than aware that people die in these movies. But still, there’s something rather stark about how this latest one presents Boba’s deadly reputation.

That said, I kind of like that the rest of this short plays out like Boba fantasizing to himself about how cool he is while aboard the bridge of the Executor during Empire. It’s all badass explosions, him totally trapping even a brave Jedi, flying around with his jetpack like an expert stone cold killer. Except we know that, in the movies at least, Boba is anything but:

What a goof.
Gif: Lucasfilm

Perchance to dream, Mr. Fett. Perchance to dream.

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I stand by a fan theory of what ‘really’ happened on Jabba’s barge (which completely ignores the comics that show Boba Fett surviving the Sarlacc Pit. I read it in the comments here last year.

It basically comes from the initial question of whether or not Boba Fett is really the cunning, bad ass bounty hunter that he was originally made up to be? If the answer is yes, then him going down like a punk makes zero sense.

But we saw Boba Fett die, right?

Well, technically, all we saw was someone wearing Boba Fett’s armor die and suck at using it. What kind of idiot turns his back on two people in close quarters like that? He could have (and should have) easily shot and killed Han & Chewbacca before dealing with Luke Skywalker. That was just sloppy.

Is that actually Boba Fett? Let’s be honest, Boba Fett is a well known bounty hunter. Yes, it means that they get a lot of work, have a reputation for getting things done, and makes good coin doing it, but it also paints a target on his back. At some point, he’s got to get tired of looking over his shoulder constantly.

What the theory proposes is that, at some point between when Princess Leia is caught and the battle on Jabba’s barge, Boba Fett sold the ‘Boba Fett’ brand to some lower level bounty hunter. He quite possibly figured out that something was going down. He also might have even specifically sold it to someone that he felt was an idiot and would end up getting killed pretty quickly so that there would be less risk of that idiot letting slip that they weren’t the original Boba Fett.

The long and the short of it is that Boba Fett never fell into the Sarlacc Pit. Instead, he sold of the brand that he created and has either retired or started over as a new bounty hunter.