Watch Electromagnets Explosively Shred a Soda Can in Half

Everyone knows you can do some crazy stuff with magnets, but things get really insane when you start playing with electromagnets. When you run an electric current through a coil of wire to create a magnetic field, you can chop soda cans in half in epic explosions and send discs flying up in the air that’ll smash into the ceiling. Electromagnets even have the ability to shrink a quarter. It’s awesome.


With the help of music band Arc Attack, Physics Girl explains how it all works in the video below. A strong current creates such a powerful magnetic field that the soda can immediately sears itself in half with pieces flying away from the electromagnet.


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Fun stuff. Great physics. Scary future. Same tech.

Yeah, this idea can be used as a super weapon, and yeah, the US Navy has been developing one since 2012. They know it works, and yeah, they are excited about it. Rail gun sea tests aboard the USNS Trenton happen later this year.

Kinetic energy 45 lb warhead projectile, super flat trajectory, 100 mile range @ 5,000 mph. That’s 300% faster than any other weapon out there and it’s been shown to rip through virtually anything.

I think that the quarter shrinking dude knows what’s coming and it’s not quite so funny.

As always, fun stuff Casey, thanks.