Watch Kurt Russell's Santa Claus Do So Much Crazy Stuff It Won't Fit in a Single Headline

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It’s finally November, which means we’re finally in the same month that Netflix will release The Christmas Chronicles. If that doesn’t ring a bell, you may know it by its more popular title: “Holy shit, Kurt Russell is playing Santa Claus.”

The latest trailer for “Holy shit, Kurt Russell is playing Santa Claus” (aka The Christmas Chronicles) is now out and it’s waaaaay better than the last trailer. In it you see Santa dunk a present, reference Star Wars, go to jail, play jazz music, drive a car, and so much more. Just ignore the super creepy CG elves.

You didn’t ignore the super creepy CG elves, did you? Yeah, it’s impossible. They do not look good.


Beyond that though? This trailer gives me a lot of hope for the film, which will be on Netflix November 22.