Watch The Premiere Of John Carpenter's Dystopian Noir Music Video!

John Carpenter is famed for directing genre classics like Halloween, They Live, and Escape From New York, but the synth-y scores he's crafted have earned their own cult following. He recently released Lost Themesinstrumentals for imaginary features — and we've got the music video premiere for "Night"!

Though composer Carpenter didn't direct the music video, he does star in it, and the visuals certainly hew closely to his cinematic aesthetic. The tune, of course, is classic Carpenter, aptly timed now that his music is enjoying a resurgence and has influenced recent films like It Follows, The Guest, and Cold in July.


Gavin Hignight, who co-directed the video with Ben Verhulst, frames "Night" as follows:

"Upon hearing NIGHT by John Carpenter my head was instantly filled with these nighttime highway road dreamscapes. Someone or something, haunted, traveling the road alone in the late hours.

Our goal was to take that feeling and put it into a video that paid tribute to the film work of Carpenter but at the same time gave him a new world to play in... in this case literally through Virtual Reality."

Watch the science fiction/retro-futurist/neon-noir video below, and good luck not blowing off the rest of your day to watch Assault on Precinct 13 over and over until nightfall, followed by a lot of aimless-yet-purposeful driving while JC's relentless beats pound through your speakers .



And your favorite Carpenter film is:

1) Either Escape from NY or

2) Big Trouble in Little China

Depending my mood.