Watch This Madman Fix the iPhone 6's Biggest Design Flaw With a Grinder

The industrial design of the iPhone 6 is close to flawless... Except for one flaw so weird, so major, that it's maddening: The fact that the camera protrudes from the body of the phone, meaning it never lies completely flat and gets caught on all kinds of stuff. The perfectionists at PeripateticPandas have a solution, and it involves industrial machinery.

This video, pointed out by Ambruso on Twitter, begins as a charmingly perfect impersonation of Jony Ive's distinctive vocal cadence ("seamlessly integrating... a gorgeous display... into an aluminium body") and quickly spirals out of control into a nightmarish revenge fantasy against the Apple design team that decided this particular detail was OK.

Against the backdrop of Budapest's parliament, for some reason, a figure in a full-body suit and mask grinds down the camera until it's perfectly flush with the body. Finally. [PeripateticPandas; Ambruso]

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There's another HUGE design flaw. The new power button location is horrible, if you use the camera shutter the right way (with the volume buttons). It's now almost impossible to not shut the damn phone off when you try and hold it to capture a photo. Total fail on that new location.