I can't quite describe the feeling I got while watching this simple video from creative misfits Lernert & Sander. They're systematically unwinding beautiful, designer-label knitwear until all that's left is perfect balls of wool. And somehow, it's totally satisfying and strangely unsettling in equal measures.

The clip is a clever promo for Kiki Niesten, a schmancy boutique in Maastricht, the Netherlands. It's called Last Season—geddit? All the "old" garments go back from whence they came—taken apart until they're just a long stretch of yarn—to make room for the new stuff.

It's kind of got a whole "circle of life" thing going on, too, as these fibers could then be used again to make something ultra-fresh. In fact, the pair describe the balls as "symbols of hope and aspiration," which is a genuinely lovely way of looking at raw materials (and as a knitter myself, I'd love to get my hands on them).

Still though, it's not every day you see the civilized demolition of a cozy top—much less a Prada or Chloe specimen—and seeing the sweaters go through the transformation does something funny to me.

Am I the only one, or do these epic unravelings make you feel weird as well? [It's Nice That]