Watching these two old women fly for the first time is pure gold

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One of the things I hate about today's world is that we take everything for granted. We communicate through light and electricity, fly in metal vehicles, and listen to music recorded decades ago through airwaves—yet everyone is like "whatever." Which is why I love this video of two old women flying for the first time.


The action starts to ramp up at the 6 minute mark. Watch till the end, because their emotions after the flight, while they are recounting the experience, are pure gold.

I really can't blame her for crying out of pure emotion. Just watching her own reaction made me teary—but maybe I'm too much of a softie.

Or maybe not.

Maybe we should all go around the world pondering the amazing wonders that surround us and the science that makes them happen. Because it's all freaking amazing, really.

The fact that light appears when I turn on a lamp at my house is something that still blows my mind if I really think about it. Electricity—perhaps made by making some uranium explode to heat up water to move a turbine that moves a dynamo (what the hell!)—travels for miles and miles until it reaches this thingamajig that turns it into photons! Heck, I get amazed at the fact that someone invented a mechanism for my door that is opened by this key with a particular geometry. Or that I'm living suspended in a structure several feet above the ground built at the beginning of the last century! And I'm made out of these things called cells that have evolved through a gazillion years!

I need a vacation.

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