A two-person sleeping bag that packs down no heavier or larger than a single one-person bag? The Nemo Tango Duo Slim 30's innovative backless design enables it to achieve that. Here's how.

What It's Supposed to Do? This is a down-filled sleeping comforter designed for couples who like to venture into the backcountry. With it's 30¬į temperature rating and at just 2 lbs 9 oz, it's a lightweight sleeping solution for two people who want to cuddle in the outdoors. And, at $349, it's less expensive than purchasing two separate down sleeping sleeping bags with similar temperature ratings and of similar quality.

Weighing in at a hair more than 2 1/2 lbs, the Tango Duo Slim makes a great backcountry sleeping solution for two.


How It's Supposed To Do It? There are a combination of factors at play that contribute to the Tango Duo Slim's low weight and versatility. The most noticeable of these is the comforter's backless design.

The insulation in the back of a sleeping bag becomes compressed during use, significantly lowering its insulative properties. Knowing this, Nemo opted to save weight by removing the back completely, instead relying on sleeping pads (which are much more effective) to insulate you from the ground.


The Tango Duo Slim uses 20 oz of 700 fill power down, treated with DownTek (a water-repellant, antimicrobial, and antibacterial nanotechnology treatment.) Its shell is made from 15 denier nylon ripstop with moisture-repellant DWR treatment.

The Tango Duo Slim features a removable hood.

How Does It Perform? First, it must be noted that this comforter is designed to be used with two sleeping pads, which will provide insulation for its users from the ground. The comforter has a footbox designed to hold the sleeping pads in place, and a detachable hood to cover your heads. The nature of this wilderness sleeping solution allows you to snuggle closer to your partner for added warmth. It's rated for 30¬į and, while we weren't able to test it at temperatures that low, we stayed plenty warm throughout the night at 40¬į.


A big advantage of the Tango Duo over two separate sleeping bags is the ability to cuddle without having to align pesky zippers. In this area, it excels. It will also simplify your loadout ‚ÄĒ one sleeping bag to carry instead of two.


The backless design saves weight, but a sewn-in footbox allows sleeping pads to remain secured.

Adventure Ready? When backpacking with a partner, the Nemo Tango Duo Slim provides a great solution for cuddling, without adding lots of extra weight and bulk that's traditionally associated with a two-person sleeping bag.


The Tango Duo Slim comes with a roll-top compression sack, but I'd recommend upgrading that sack to one like this by Sea To Summit for maximum compressibility. The stock one works great as a stuff sack, but it just doesn't compress down that well. Once you are able to compress it, however, it packs down as small as most traditional one-person mummy bags with similar temperature ratings.

Overall, I was really pleased with the features and performance of this comforter; if I'm going out into the backcountry with a snuggle buddy, I'd take the Tango Duo Slim over two separate sleeping bags any day.


Photos: Chris Brinlee Jr

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