Xiaomi's Going to Start Uber-ing Smartphones to People

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In another piece of evidence for the overwhelming argument for me to never leave my couch, Xiaomi announced that it’s going to partner up with Uber to hand-deliver smartphones. Yep, this couch is real comfortable.


One full day before the Xiaomi Mi Note is available online (July 27), you’ll be able to tap a “Xiaomi” icon within the Uber app, and just like hailing an Uber, a orange-colored Xiaomi car will deliver the phone to your door within minutes. Right now the partnership is limited to Southeast Asia, where Xiaomi reigns supreme, but it’s undeniable we see a glimmer of our future in this marketing stunt. Sprint is delivering smartphones straight to customers once they buy them, and c’mon, the US can’t resist a stunt like this. In our one-click-buy-it-now-and-deliver-it-now future, Uber will be right at the center.


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C.T. Rex Pope

What am I missing here? Can’t I order a phone and have it delivered same day with Amazon right now?? What niche is this filling? It’s a home delivery app for only smartphones?