Airbnb Is Just Now Verifying Hosts and Guests

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Airbnb is starting to offer something called Verified ID—meaning, it's finally making user's prove that they're real human beings and not a robot or scam artist.

Here's how it works: You can earn a verified badge by showing Airbnb a piece of your online identity—Facebook profile, Twitter account, or even Yelp reviews you've written—as well as a corresponding piece of real-world documentation like a scan of your driver's licence or your passport. The name obviously has to match for you to get a badge.

A quarter of US users will be required to go through this process starting today, and eventually everybody will have to do it. If you want to go ahead and verify yourself, you can do that here. You'd think Airbnb would have introduced something like this by now, but better late than never. [Airbnb]

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What if I have already rented a number of apartments and got great reviews? Why would they want further confirmation from me after I've performed multiple successful transactions using my credit card with my name on it? A fake license is just as easy to get as a fake credit card. Just not understanding why this would be necessary for current active users.